SiSy - Simple System

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Request your activation code for SiSy

SiSy asks you to enter your activation code during installation or when you start it for the first time. You can request this activation code online here. The activation code is determined from your name and the registered program number. The operating system and computer configuration are not taken into account. You will receive the program number with your license.
Request activation code

Download my version

You need the activation data to download your SiSy® version. You will receive this by email. If you do not have any activation data yet, you can request this.

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Updates / Upgrades

To bring your SiSy up to date, you can purchase updates (= update to your existing version) or upgrades (= edition with extended functionality).

We will be happy to tell you what is currently available for your SiSy version. Please write us a short request Contact stating your program number and the full designation of the version used (edition, license and version number). You can find this information in SiSy on the start screen or under the menu item: Help → about SiSy.

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